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Vortex CallMe is fully compatible with sip.audio. It includes OPUS, our preferred codec for interoperability.

Call ISDN line from Vortex CallMe-TR with a sip.audio account

  1. Log in to the web interface for your CallMe unit using its IP address.
  2. Under SIP Settings, configure as follows...
    Username: SIP Account Username (For example, enter fmstation.callme for fmstation.callme@sip.audio)
    Password: SIP Account Password
    Domain: sip.audio
    Proxy: proxy.sip.audio
    Register: ON
    Accept Incoming Calls: ON
  3. The SIP status at the top of the page should show SIP REGISTERED.
  1. Click 'Status' and then 'Call'.
    For Destination, enter destination.account@sip.audio or just destination.account
    Codec: Opus
  2. Click 'Call'.

You must have a DNS server set for a static IP. If in doubt, use Google's

Firmware must be version 1.6 or later.


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