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Grandstream WP820 wifi phone is fully compatible with It is however, not a professional audio device. It includes OPUS, our preferred codec for interoperability. The microphone is of reasonable quality for a cordless phone, however placement is very important for optimal results, and to avoid breath pops. Wifi devices only work reliably if you are in the same room as the wireless access point.

Using Grandstream WP820 for radio interviews with

  1. Connect the phone to a reliable wifi network. Navigate to 'Network Status' to discover its IP address.
  2. Enter the IP address into a web browser on the same network. The default user and password are both 'Admin'.
  3. From the menu, navigate to 'Account'. Set the fields as follows...
    Account Name:
    SIP Server:
    SIP User ID: SIP Account Username (For example, enter fmstation.grandstream for
    SIP Authentication Password: SIP Account Password
    Outbound Proxy:
    NAT Traversal: STUN
  4. Click 'Save'.
  5. Click the 'Codec Settings' tab. Move your desired codecs (OPUS, and perhaps G722) to the 'Selected' column.
  6. Click 'Save'.
  7. From the menu, navigate to 'Phone Settings'. Set the fields as follows...
    STUN Server:
  8. Click 'Save'. Click 'Apply'.

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