USB SIP Opus Codec
Opus audio calls
Supports other codecs
EBU 3326 compliant
Live Contributions
Radio Remotes
Production Talkback
ISDN Replacement
Works like ISDN
Connects with ISDN
Connecting the World
Connect between Organizations
Connect between Apps & Devices
Worldwide Server Network
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Technical Data & Compatibility
Protocols: EBU Tech 3326 / N/ACIP (for AoIP)
SIP (for VoIP)
STUN/TURN (for NAT traversal)
Direct Media (for point to point)
ISDN (for legacy connectivity)
Servers: Denver, CO, USA
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Manchester, United Kingdom
Nuremberg, Germany
Sydney, Australia
Tokyo, Japan
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Audio Codecs: OPUS (Direct, Relayed, ISDN*)
G711 (Direct, Relayed, POTS*))
G722 (Direct, Relayed, ISDN*)
MPEG-1 (Direct)
MPEG-2 LII (Direct, ISDN 128 Mono+JS, 64*)
MPEG-4 AAC (Direct, ISDN 128*)
MPEG-4 AAC LD (Direct, ISDN 64 & 128*)
MPEG-4 HE-AACv2 (Direct)
MPEG-1/2 Layer III (Direct, ISDN 128*)
PCM (Direct)
Enhanced APT-X (Direct)
iLBC (Direct, Relayed)
* ISDN & POTS are always relayed, so IP stream must be OPUS, G722, G711 or iLBC.
Connecting the World
The biggest brands and broadcasters trust In:Quality
In:Quality has developed and operates a worldwide network for the real time transmission of professional audio. Established in 2013, its Founding Director is Kevin Leach – a former radio host and BBC sound engineer.
We make remote broadcasting affordable to all sectors of the media with minimal environmental impact.
Headphones over green microphone with text
The SIP platform from the team behind ipDTL

We have a dream. For any studio, anywhere in the world, to connect with any other studio, reporter, expert, host, remote engineer, sports ground, church, court, politician, musician, CEO, celebrity or whoever, by dialing a simple unique address.

ISDN has for many years been used by audio professionals to make such remote real time connections, but it was cumbersome, inflexible, and expensive. And now, the telecoms companies are turning it off.

Worldwide network for all N/ACIP compliant devices

Like with ISDN, SIP - and its pro-audio counterpart EBU N/ACIP Tech 3326 - allow connections between a wide range of audio codecs - both in the sense of hardware devices, and actual audio formats - but this does present the same potential obstacle of incompatibility.

SIP's Session Description Protocol can be configured in each client to offer a list of allowed codecs with the intention of finding a common format. Whilst that approach can and will be effective at times, here at In:Quality, we support and actively encourage the increasing adoption of the wideband adaptive OPUS codec for guaranteed interoperability and increased reliability across the worldwide audio production industry.

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