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LUCI Live Lite DOES NOT include OPUS, our preferred codec for interoperability. G722 is recommended for interoperability. It allows the use of a microphone connected to the lightning port on iOS devices.

Connect from iPhone to ipDTL or SIP device using

  1. Open the LUCI app and select the Settings gear icon.
  2. Select 'SIP defaults'. Add the following settings.
    Username: SIP Account Username (For example, enter fmstation.luci1 for
    Password: SIP Account Password
    Sip server:
  3. Remove any pre-configured port number.
  4. Press 'Done'.
  5. Select 'Stations'. Press the + icon.
  6. Select 'Custom station'.
  7. Create a Station for each required destination with the following settings:
    Protocol: SIP
    Username: Enable Default User
    Codec: G722
  8. Remove any pre-configured port number.
  9. Press 'Done'.
  10. On the main screen, choose your desired Station to connect with. Click the microphone symbol to initiate a call.

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