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LUCI LIVE Desktop is fully compatible with It includes OPUS, our preferred codec for interoperability.

  1. Open the LUCI app and create a station for each required destination with the following settings:
    Name: A friendly display name
    Protocol: SIP or N/ACIP
    User: SIP Account Username (For example, enter fmstation.luci1 for
    Password: SIP Account Password
    Select Follow Caller, not Force Format.
    Format: Opus Audio
    Samplerate: 48000
  2. Choose a bitrate and select stereo if required. We recommend no more than 64kbit/s mono on mobile networks.
  3. After you have saved and selected the station configuration, return to the main screen and activate the antenna symbol. Once it has turned red, you are registered to the server.
  4. Click the microphone symbol to initiate a call to the configured SIP account.

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