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InQodec is a free USB audio codec firmware for the Raspberry Pi.

Download the latest version here ...


Build an IP codec with a Raspberry Pi and a USB microphone

Follow our step-by-step installation guide here.

  • Supports Opus, PCM, G722 and G711
  • Reactive interface, for desktop and 3.5'' and 7'' touch screens
  • Fully remote controllable from a browser
  • Contact list and quick dial buttons
  • Multiple SIP accounts with destination based routing
  • Connects with ISDN and PSTN ( only)
  • Supports AES67, integrates with Dante, Ravenna and Livewire+.
  • Support for volume and mute buttons on USB hardware
  • Small footprint, high performance: Runs on any Pi with an Ethernet interface.
  • Simple one-click firmware updates
Hacking your InQodec

InQodec is based on Raspbian and the system can be accessed via SSH on port 77. There's also a getty on tty2. While root logins are permitted, you need to reset the root password first. To do this, mount the card's rootfs on a system that can read an ext4 filesystem and edit /etc/shadow. Replace the first line for the root user with
This will set the root password to 12345. Make sure you change it afterwards!


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