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  1. Log in to the web interface for your device using its IP address. The default password is inqodec
    (If the device does not have a touchscreen, you can discover the IP address by connecting to a TV or monitor using an HDMI cable.)
  2. Click the gear icon, followed by SIP Accounts, and configure as follows...
    Username: SIP Account Username (For example, enter fmstation.despatch for
    Password: SIP Account Password
    Backup Proxy:
    Note: You can actually configure more than one SIP account, if for instance you are given specific SIP account credentials for a radio station.
  3. Save

From the side menu, click Audio...

  • Auto Answer: Calls will answer immediately, if this box is checked.
  • LR / LL / RR: Adjust this setting, if you have two analog mic inputs, but will only use one.
  • Microphone Gain: Suggested Levels...
    Blue Yeti: 35%
    Fifine K678: 60%
    Rode NT-USB:  20%
    Rode NT-USB Mini:  65%
    Rode Podcaster:  50%
    Samson C01U:  60%
    Samson Q2U:  85%
  • Microphone Monitoring: Check this box, if you do not have Zero Latency Monitoring.
  • You may find that the default audio buffer settings need to be increased to give stable audio to and from your USB device. Try increasing by 5ms at a time until the audio is clean. For instance, the Rode NT-USB Mini can need as much as 60ms to eliminate clicking.
  • Save

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