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Connecting to BBC Radio in London
  • For news programmes such as Radio 4's Today Programme, click here.

You can call into the Comrex units in BBC Radio's MCR1 (formerly LCR) using their BBC SIP address from ipDTL's dialpad, or a enabled client. An internal booking must be made first.

The BBC can also connect to or ipDTL users by dialling their SIP address.

Should the above method fail, ipDTL and users can enable 'Receive 3rd Party SIP' in their account settings and use the following workaround. These instructions are for the producer to pass onto the BBC's Network Bookings department...

    Configure Prodys Quantum for calls:
  • Navigate to Menu > Conf > Audio > Encoders
    Algorithm: OPUS
  • Navigate to Menu > Streaming > Protocol > Server
    Register in Server: No*
    * If registered, the call will fail as it will try to route via the BBC SIP system
  • Call